MISSION + Values

At PIVOT we live by the mantra "Live for Today, Prepare for Tomorrow". You never know when illness or injury may sideline you—if we take care of ourselves we will have greater longevity no matter what our goals are. PIVOT is a place where we come together to be our best –you may be an endurance enthusiast who runs 5-days a week, an employee who endures ongoing stress and needs an outlet, to an at home-parent who wants to work-out with friends.


To foster a community environment and sense of belonging where people are personally empowered to achieve their goals.


To be the most reputable, cohesive, and results-oriented health and fitness center in the Treasure Valley and ultimately the western United States.


BE REAL Being authentic means having the courage to look within and bringing that person outward. Authenticity allows for more genuine relationships with yourself and others.

WORK TOGETHER Having a team mentality means that no one person is an island at Pivot. No matter where you are in your journey of health, at Pivot, we are one team, one community.

STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE From our top-rate equipment and our world-class facility to our celebrated instructors and our professional nutrition program, Pivot is defined by the high-quality details.

LIVE INTENTIONALLY Whether it is the person newly able to summit a mountain after a knee injury, that last final pound lost or simply a new-found ability to work productively through the day and sleep through the night, Pivot is driven by results. Our success is in your success.

PUT OTHERS FIRST At Pivot, we’re servant leaders. We’re made up of individuals who are altruistic and consider the unique challenges facing individuals and work to creatively overcome those barriers before considering their own problems.

EMPOWER CHANGE The cornerstone of Pivot is the ability for one to be on a certain trajectory and shift nimbly. As an organization, we must be change-agents that inspire, encourage and above all, empower.


PREPARE – you must have the right mindset and plan before you make change. We have fitness and health coaches to help members map their way to achieving personal performance. To prepare for tomorrow we have partnered with community providers to offer members ongoing preventative health screenings throughout the year.

FUEL – in order to be mentally and physically strong we must fuel our mind and body for optimal and sustainable performance. PIVOT Lifestyle + Nutrition by KA brings you a program to ensure you are taking in necessary daily nutrients and are prepared before, during and after your favorite workout. We also address fueling through educational opportunities through our speaker series.

MOVE – moving provides energy and allows us to live a healthy lifestyle. Fundamental movement patterns are the foundation of our studios. Our fitness coaches are trained to teach with emphasis on basic movement and form focusing ultimately on improving function, strength and flexibility. In our Functional Training & Yoga Studios we offer a number of group classes including functional training, hot yoga, aerobic conditioning & recovery. We also offer smaller group training sessions allowing for a greater personal connection. Included in our MOVE pillar is our state-of-the-art cycling classes designed and endorsed by Kristin Armstrong. Cycling is a life-time sport – it is a healthy and non-impactful way to move. Our top-instructors bring with them amazing music, a focused program and the best part – community. Whether you are just starting out on a bike, clearing you mind before heading home for the day or training for a 50-mile ride we can accomplish our goals together in the Cycling Studio.

RECOVER – rest and recovery are important components to being successful. We recognize that recovery is multifaceted –it involves muscle repair, chemical and hormonal balance, nervous system repair, mental state, and more. Hydration, nutrition, stress management, stretching and myofascial release are elements that we focus on at PIVOT. We address each of these elements through class offerings and educational opportunities through our speaker series.

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