At PIVOT Lifestyle + Fitness, we empower you to achieve your health and wellness goals. Our team meets you where you are in your personal journey of health.  Our Health Coaching team consist of highly trained professionals who use an integrative and holistic approach to lifestyle changes to improve their clients’ health. Our multi-disciplinary team looks at nutritional patterns, relationships, physical fitness, spirituality, mindset, musculoskeletal health, recovery and more.



Are you ready to take your training to the next level or need that extra little nudge to pivot. Our personal training program will empower you both physically and mentally all while helping you reach your true potential. We have created an environment filled with community and support – a place where you can push, sweat, and lay it all out there, all of which is required when striving to be your best you.



(High-School & Adult offerings) – if you are an athlete looking to take your game and endeavors to the next level or perhaps continue your favorite activity for years to come this program is for you. The demand we are placing on our bodies is not sustainable without focusing on overall musculoskeletal health.  Let’s bring that extra 1% in to our plan, at PIVOT we live by the mantra “Live for Today Prepare for Tomorrow”.



Be sure to bring your kiddo to PIVOT, our youth classes provide an opportunity to enjoy your favorite class while your kids are able to experience a class at the same time.


PIVOT Youth Yoga – join us for our yoga classes tailored specifically for kids and tweens. Our classes offer an opportunity for ages 6-12 to experience yoga. We build on the principles of breathing, moving and resting to develop strength, self-confidence, flexibility, focus and mindfulness.

PIVOT Youth Cycling* – let’s inspire kids to ride. Indoors or outdoors what matters is that kids are active and having fun. If you are between 11-16 years-old come learn the ins and outs of cycling in a fun, safe environment – and of course all while getting your sweat on.

PIVOT Youth Movement – let’s begin today with our next generation. Our PIVOT Youth Movement classes teach the foundation of living and supporting a healthy lifestyle through promoting fundamental movements, while incorporating coordination, mobility, balance and play. We have fun while learning to be our best.

* participant must be minimum height of 4’11” for a proper and safe bike fit.

Fit for 55+

Our classes are designed with the older athlete in mind. PIVOT takes a more holistic approach to general fitness geared toward the different needs of each participant. Each week participants have the opportunity to visit each of our 3-studios – cycling, yoga & functional training.  Our goal is to help you maintain or improve your fitness and also learn and train to improve the basic fundamental movements of life supporting your active lifestyle for years to come.



There are a number of ways your business can participate with PIVOT.  If you are interested in partnering with Team PIVOT by KA please contact Aliyah Jennings, General Manager at for more information.

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