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At PIVOT by KA we pride ourselves on our high-quality programming and coaches. We bring a variety of ‘boutique quality’ classes and highly-trained certified coaches.  Our all access membership model supports our belief of being your best through having access to multiple modalities. As Albert Einstein would say, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Let’s change our approach to improving health –let’s build a community and empower one another to be our best self.

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Our Functional Training Studio is the cornerstone of PIVOT –we believe fundamental movement patterns are the foundation of living your best life.  Movement matters; our bodies are designed to move, not to sit slumped over a computer or in a chair all day nor are they made to move in the same repetitive motion over and over day after day. Functional training focuses on training movement patterns rather than isolating individual muscles. There are endless benefits to including our Pivot of the Day (POD) in to your weekly routine –improving posture, fat burning, muscle tone, stability, sport specific conditioning, core strength and injury prevention. In summary, our PODs will condition you to perform the actions of daily life no matter your lifestyle, more effectively and efficiently.

  • PIVOT of the day (POD)– a daily 45-minute workout session designed to build strength, power, and mobility that translates beyond the gym.
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The Cycling Studio is our state-of-the-art cycling classes signed and endorsed by 3x Olympic Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong.  Cycling is a life-time activity –it is a healthy and non-impactful way to move.  Our top instructors bring with them amazing music, a focused program and the best part –community comes together.  Whether you are starting out on a bike, clearing your mind before heading home for the day or training for a 50-mile ride we can accomplish our goals together in the KA Cycling Studio.

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Hot Yoga A mix of both Bikram and Vinyasa style classes are offered at PIVOT. We support the physical body by building strength, balance and flexibility, and enhance the mind by increasing concentration, determination and patience. Our classes are for all levels.  Bring a mat, towel and water and leave your shoes at the door.

Sculpt (strength & core) This class combines free weights, bands and bodyweight exercises into the studio –without the yoga. This is a workout focused on strengthening your whole body. You can customize the impact level to suit your needs, whatever your fitness goals may be. Bring a mat, towel and water and leave your shoes at the door.

Stretch & Restore Often overlooked, recovery is one of PIVOT’s 4-pillars to success. Restorative movement sessions can deepen the impact of your workout, improve the quality of your sleep andincrease blood circulation—all at the same time. The benefits of this class are endless, and they’re not all physical; it can have significant impact on your emotional state as well. Our Stretch & Restore class will impact your mind and body through improving flexibility, posture, alignment and reducing stress. (deep stretch, restorative, foam roller recovery, meditation, mindfulness, breathing)

Hot classes range from 80-105 degrees.
*Pioneer Crossing will not offer heated classes
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Located in each of our facilities will be a cardio & weight room.  This room will feature state-of-the art equipment and support a whole-body workout.  Whether you are looking for a cardio workout at any time of the day or want to focus on gaining strength we have you covered with our equipment lineup. Some of which include our MATRIX treadmills, rowers & ClimbMills to a wide-range of free-weights and strength equipment including our center-piece MATRIX double MEGA rack system providing versatility to support your whole-body strength and fitness routine.

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